Daughter Climbs Out Of Crib, Falls On Her Head. Suggestions?

This is an example from Yahoo! Answers illustrating the real life concerns that parents have regarding crib safety.

Daughter Climbs Out Of Crib, Falls On Her Head. Suggestions?

Daughter: 18 months and a fiery pistol. Smart as a whip. Climbs out of crib, lands on her head. Although smart, doesn’t seem to learn from this. Keeps climbing, keeps falling.

Crib: 4 1/2 feet tall. Solid wood. Mattress platform on lowest possible setting. Vaseline on crib does not work. Can’t raise sides or lower mattress.

What I’ve tried: Vaseline on sides of crib, still got out. Playpen, tipped it over and/or climbed out (fell on head again). Mattress on floor for 2 weeks, can’t make her lay down (thats the “fiery pistol” part). Mattress on floor with a gate or pen to keep her in, anxiety attack and started hyperventilating, leading to her not breathing. My bed, won’t lay down and/or falls off and/or makes me fall off. Its a small bed.

Me: Not sure I want to try “cozy crib tent” due to strangulation issues and non-regulated status. 4 weeks without sleep. Migraine headache problems. Real sore back. I may be going cross-eyed also.

You: people with off the wall (yet reasonable) ideas on how i can get her to bed, so I can get to bed.

  • 3 months ago
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Additional Details

I just thought of putting a helmet on her. But I think she’d figure out how to take it off.

3 months ago