Why Cribberz?

Welcome to Cribberz LLC. We are the company that invented, patented, designed and produced the revolutionary, newly designed sleepwear called CRIBBERZ, made exclusively to prevent children from climbing out of their cribs and playpens.

If you or someone you know are looking for a safe, simple and cost effective way to prevent your child from climbing out of the crib or playpen, then look no further. Until now, the choices in crib and playpen climbing prevention have been limited to expensive, ineffective and dangerous products. Other choices were the premature placement of a child into a toddler bed and child proofing the entire room along with placing a baby gate at the bedroom doorway. These measures are complicated, expensive and carry their own inherent dangers.

Child Climbs Out

Child Can’t Climb Out

However, by using Cribberz, child will remain safely in his crib and playpen and you may be able to completely avoid the premature placement of your child into a toddler bed. In addition, you will be able to avoid the need for expensive and ineffective products like the Crib Tent, that may only add serious danger to your child’s bedroom.

For over 40 years, research has shown that injuries to young children in cribs and playpens is primarily caused by children falling out of their crib, and that climbing out of the crib is the number one reason why a parent chooses to prematurely removed child from the crib and into a toddler bed, before they have truly outgrown the crib. 
In addition, when removing a child prematurely from the crib into a toddler bed the dangers will naturally increase since this step requires additional child proofing of the entire bedroom. During this step, the parent or caregiver must child proof the entire bedroom each and every time the child is placed down for a nap or night time sleep. This requires strict attention to the dangers in the child’s bedroom each and everyday prior to naps or night time sleeps. Achieving 100% effectiveness can become a cumbersome task. With Cribberz, all you have to do is place your child in a comfy Cribberz Sleepware or Crib Pants, remove any potential hazards in their crib or playpen, and simply place them down for their bedtime sleep or nap. What could be easier and safer?
We encourage parents to place their children into a toddler bed and when the time is right. We truly believe that this transition is much easier and safer when you are able to plan in it advance. Cribberz will provide you with the peace of mind and comfort knowing that you can now plan this special day with your child and that transition will be much easier versus, the child choosing this day for you.